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Luxury Hotels & Casinos in Costa Rica 1 & 2
Directory  of  Luxury  Hotels & Casinos  in  Costa Rica!  Casinos on the Beach! 

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"Golfing Around" Online Golf

HOT GOLF swinging all over the WORLD in 2011 - And into 80 Million Households in USA and Europe!
Want to take a golf vacation to exotic places like Wales, Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba, San Antonio, Ireland, Scotland and Lake Tahoe? Hot Golf takes you there!   Throw in a couple of fine cigars and night life that rocks and rolls!
And maybe a deep sea fishing trip on the side!   

Hosted by comedian and golf nut Randy Tantlinger;

Hot Golf is a thirteen episode, hour long mancation to the world's hottest golf destinations.

Hot Golf is broadcast and syndicated
on Resort & Residence TV through Direct TV, AT&T, Verizon and select Comcast and Capital Broadcast markets, AMG TV, MAV-TV, and LONESTAR TV and can be watched
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Aces Golf Magazine 

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World Wide Golf
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Golf Links for All

gll-wheat.GIF (1614 bytes)

Avel Golf
Valle del Sol
Santa Ana, Costa Rica


World  Golf.Com

Tango Mar Golf
Course & Resort


Golf  Today
Europe's Premier Online

Golf  Illustrated

Lomas de Carara
Golf Course Listing

Golf in Costa Rica!
Visit the Great Golf Courses in Costa Rica! Experience Paradise!
(from World Golf.Com)

Costa Rica Golf
Adventures, S.A.

The official travel company for the Costa Rica PGA. The first and only golf travel company based in Costa Rica, we have the advantage of being in daily contact with the courses and resorts offered in our golf  packages.

Our packages offer the best golf values in Costa Rica, but of course can be customized to create your own ideal
golf adventure.

Golf  Digest.Com

Frank  Zito.Com
The Golf Shop

United States Golf Assoc.

California Golf
Course Owner's


Tee Bone Golf

Golf in Costa Rica
Golf on the  Wild Side!

Costa Rica Experts
Golfing Vacations

Parque Valle Del Sol
Golf Course & Residential

Golf in Costa Rica!
World Golf Site!


Costa  Rica Country Club
Golf & Tennis
San Antonio de Escazú - San José;
Costa Rica


Golf  Arizona.Com


Adventure Sports Online

Tennis  Hotels
in Costa Rica

Soccer Tours
in Costa Rica!


W  Soccer
World Cups

Soccer Sports


Costa Rican Football

Soccer  Age

Athletes in Action
Soccer Woman's Tour

Fut  5

CNN Costa Rica

Spanish and Soccer

Major  League Soccer


Goshen  College Soccer

Virtual  Soccer Magazine


Babson  College Athletics

Tango Mar Soccer Team
in Costa Rica!

Pennant  Shop Costa Rica

" Golf holidays France "

Costa Rica Sport fishing
Large selection of Costa Rica Fishing Packages starting at $100 per day all the way up to food, lodging, travel, and all other accommodations.

Fishing Poles, Fly Fishing Rods
Discount fishing poles and fly fishing rods by
Shimano, Daiwa, and more at


Costa Rica Fishing
Costa Rica Sport fishing
packages in all price ranges.
Enjoy a economical Costa
Rica Deep Sea Fishing trip.


Quepos Sail Fishing

Name of Guide or Captain:
CHEPE  Fishing the Pacific:
You get off the beaten path
fishing adventures in Quepos,
Costa Rica.

The calm waters in Quepos , of
Costa Rica's Pacific coast have
long been known to produce some
of the most spectacular sail fishing
in the world.

Species you fish for:
The fishing grounds off Quepos
are famous for the numbers of
sailfish, but there is also a good
chance to hook into a big marlin.
These cobalt waters hold big
dolphin fish, known as dorado
here as well as several species
of tuna and wahoo. The inshore
fishing offers an opportunity to
tangle with roosterfish, cubera
snapper and broomtail grouper.

Richard  Krug's Americana
Sport  fishing

Marlin  Azul  Sport Fishing

Crocodile Bay – Costa Rica 


The Rain Goddess
Costa Rica Jungle Fishing!

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Flying Crocodile
"Ultra-light" Lodge

Samara Beach, Costa Rica

Pitt's  Aviation
Sky Tours

Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Sky Riders
Ultra Light Flight Services

Sansa Grupo Taca
Flying in Costa Rica!

Pacific Deep Sea Fishing

Game Fish Art Pieces

Costa Rica sport fishing on
Wave Dancer


Marina Flamingo
Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Has over 50 sport fishing boats and sailboats at its
docks. The marina provides full boating and tourist services including: sportfishing, sailing cruises, scuba diving and tours.

Crocodile Bay
 Sport Fishing


Costa Rica Map

Ballooning, Bungee
Jumping, Canopy
Tours, Climbing,


Protecting Sea Turtles

Tropical Bungee

Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Uncovered
Marlin Fishing

Andrew's Charter
Sport Fishing


Tamarindo Sport  Fishing

Abama Hotel Resort
Abama Hotel Resort is a new concept for a complete rest, designed to offer a whole world of sensations

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Soldier Life Blog
Your incoming tour
operator for South America.

Hotel Las Tortugas
Costa Rica!

National  Geographic
 Adventure  Magazine


Global  Ocean  Adventure


The Turtle Project
Save the Osa Turtle


Nesting colony of Leatherback
Sea Turtles at Gandoca Beach, Gandoca/Manzanillo Wildlife
 Refuge, Talamanca, Costa Rica

Nesting Sea Turtles and
Costa Rica's Tropical Rainforest


Adventure Center.Com

Adventure Travel.Com
Costa Rica!

Reef Base-a global
 information center
on Coral Reefs


Velador - Caribbean
 Conservation Newsletter

Hang-Gliding, Para-Gliding
Costa Rica!

Adventure Network

Exploring Polar Frontiers.

Adventure Life

South & Central

Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Time
Get Extreme

Sea Turtle Routes

Las Baulas Leather Back
 Turtle Project

Eco – Teach 

Playa Jaco – Sea Turtles

Samonique Sailing
and Snorkeling

Flamingo / Tamarindo,
Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Sport Fishing Vacation offers a wide variety of information about sport fishing and vacation planning in Mexico

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Barcelona Hotels
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Birmingham Hotels
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Costa Rica  World
Wind  Surf  Directory

Hotel Don Carlos
Wind Surfing

Tico  Wind
Surf  Center

Tilawa Wind
Surfing Resort

Learning Trips
Wind Surfing

Washington, DC Registry button

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Florence Hotels
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Geneva Hotels
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Gold Coast Hotels
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Las Vegas Hotels
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Costa Rica
 Adventure Divers

Quepos, Manuel
Antonio, Drake
Bay-Osa Peninsula.
Diving at Cocos Island!


Sea's Journey
Under the Sea!

Poor Man's Paradise
Drake Bay, Cano Island



Share your diving
experiences with like-
minded people, make
friends, ask questions,
add a travelers tale,
browse our detailed
directory of  diving
schools and destinations.


Resort Divers de
Costa Rica


Web Adventures


Costa Rica Bungee: NARANJO,
Alajuela There's a long, thin difference
between death and bungee jumping; and, well, it's the cord. You just have to squelch your
fear, overcome a basic survival instinct that normally rules out jumping off a bridge, and jump. Or ask someone to push you.  Before you make the plunge, for the first time.. talk to
Carlos Alfaro, owner of
Costa Rica Bungee, while looking over the bridge's massive iron
rail into the canyon.

Costa Rica Bungee serves about 100 people every month, Carlos said, depending on the
season. He started it three years ago to compete with the older bungee company,
on the same bridge, Tropical Bungee.
They are the only two, that offer the jump in
the country.
For info and to make reservations, call 494-5102 or  830-9637, or e-mail 

Manuel Antonio Guide

Digital  Art.Org
Cool & Beautiful
Sci-Fi  & Fantasy
Art - Several
International Artists..

Graphic Tutorials!

Using the Internet!
Helpful Beginner's Guide!
Creating your Website!

Internet  Privacy

Heather’s Animations

DMOZ  Animated Gifs
Lots of Cool Animated
Gif  Sites!

Posters!  Art!

Clip Art Heaven

Chewey’s  Icons

Barry's Clip Server

Arg!  Animations!

Mr. Fire
Animated Fire &

Cool Notions
Cool Animated

Bill Beard's Diving Safaris
Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Captain  Nemo's  Home
Scuba diving around the
world...  Sea Caves!

Pacific Divers
PADI Training, Diving
and Snorkeling Mal
Pais / Santa Teresa,
Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Cruises.Com

Costa Rica -
Temptress Cruises

JD Water Sports
Romantic "Sunset

La Paloma Lodge
Diving in Drake Bay.

Costa Rica Scuba
Diving Directory

In All of Costa Rica!


Costa Rica Dive Sites

The Scuba Club

Mystic Dive Center

Albee Adventures

Bareboat and crewed yachts chartering in the Caribbean


Si Como No
Hotel & Resort

*Sunset Sailing in
Manuel Antonio
*See the Whales
& Dolphins!

A superb one-stop
site for cruising

Wind Song:  Sailing
the Costa Rica Coast


Sunset Sails Tours

Punta Coral
A private nature
preserve in Costa Rica
perfect for weddings
and other celebrations.

Adventure cruises
aboard the luxury
catamaran ‘Manta

Calypso Cruises
Pacific Island cruises
in Costa Rica. One
day tours to Tortuga
Island and Punta Coral,
a private nature reserve.
Other adventure
cruises also available.

Tropical  Adventure.Com
Adventures in Florida, the
Caribbean and Central

Best Graph
 & Clip Art

One of the
best sites for gif
Animations, Clip
Art & Wall Papers.


World of Animated
 Gifs – German

Lots of Different
Animations &
Clip Art.

French Graphics!


External Hard Drive
Nice Animated Gifs &
Clip Art.

Action Backs
Some Nice Animate

Teachnology Web
Animated Gifs, Clip
Art, and Web Tools.

Dive  Net

Costa Rica
Surfing Vacations

Costa Rica Surfing
Vacations at Ferrari's
Surf Camp and Resort,
offering complete
vacation packages
and surfing lessons
at Playa Grande,
Costa Rica.


Surf Costa Rica.Com


School of the

Learning Vacation
Surfing, Sailing,
Spanish, Art, Ecology

Storm Surf

Costa Rica Surf Report


Colossal Cave


An Amazon Adventure

White Water Rafting
 in Pacuare River


Aventures  Naturales


Aguas  Bravas
White Water Rafting

Serendipity  Adventures
Real Adventure Expeditions!

Rainforest  Tours


Wonder  Flight 

Arthur's  Clipart &


Lily Pad  Graphics!
Lots of Different nice graphics from China!

J's  Magic Galleries!
Huge Galleries... of 
cool animations... and
graphic art!


Manuel Antonio Guide
Horseback Riding on the


Monteverde -
Costa Rica
Horseback Tour

Horseback in the
 Cloud Forest area
 and beach riding


Eco Safari
Horseback Tours


Sabine's Smiling


Dark Wolf's
Demonic Graphics!


Jungle Walk -
Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photos!


Internet  Forums
in Costa Rica:

Choose Costa Rica
 Bulletin Board

Forum in connection
with book by John

Grupo - Utopia
 Political  Blog

La Merced National
Wildlife Refuge

Horseback Riding Tours:

Tour to the beach and
waterfall. Tour to Punta

Hidden Trails
Equestrian Getaway


Mick Shea
Horseback Riding

Finca Rosa Blanca,
outside Heredia..


Tierra de Milagros
A Unique Magical

Punta  Isleta
Horseback  Riding


Costa Rica Forum
From Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living
Exchange any
information about
Costa Rica.

Gallo Pinto
Discussions about
Costa Rica.


PC Club of Costa Rica
or call Chuck at
266-0123 or
Gloria at 224-9926.


Bella Vista Lodge
Horseback Tours


Ocarina Expeditions
Horseback Riding in
Manuel Antonio.

Finca  Danielle
  Horseback Riding

Drake Bay 
Horseback  Riding

Costa Rica Fishing
Is there anything in the world as good as a Costa Rica fishing vacation, maybe not. Costa Rica fishing is paradise on earth.


River Rafting
 in Colorado and Utah!


Adventure Canada


Adventure  Specialists inc
Colorado - Peru - Copper Canyon

Shopping &  E-Commerce Shopping
Your internet shopping
directory of stores,
comparisons, reviews,
discounts, resources
and information.

Destiny's  Business
Opportunity List

Quincey  Web Directory
The Hobby Line Intenet


Rich &  Famous
Cigar Smokers!


Women & Cigars


CR Cigars!
Cigar Information, The "Shaman Cigar",
Costa Rica history of Cigar Tobacco!

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