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1 Cedar  Tube  Travel  Humidor  for  5" or  6" cigars 
1 Robusto or 1 Corona   $ 7.50      (Incl. S&H).....
 3  VdS  "Petits" cigarillos
Order  5 Cedar  Tubes  for  only  $ 25.00  (Incl. S&H).......
1 Travel  Humidor  for  3  cigars, handcrafted from exotic woods
with 3 Toro or  3  Robusto Cigars for
 $ 14.95    (Incl. S&H)......
Order  3  Travel  Humidors  for  only  $ 35.00  (Incl. S&H)....
3  Cigar  Sampler  Box
with 1 VdS, 1 Puro maduro y 1 Chaman Cigar.

For  most  vitolas   $ 9.95  (Incl. S&H)....

1 Sampler Box  -  6 Cigars at $ 14.95   (Incl. S&H)..........
1 Churchill, 1 Torpedo, 1 Toro, Vegas de Santiago Line
1 Churchill, 1 Torpedo, 1 Toro, Chaman Line


1 Sampler  Box -  6  VdS Cigars at US  $ 12.50  (Incl. S&H).....
(1 Churchill, 1 Torpedo, 1 Corona, 1 Robusto, 1 Laguito #3 and
1 Cigarillo "Petits").

Longfiller and binder from our 3 1/2 year old Costa Rica Ligero we grow here in the mountains of Purisal, Wrapper from Esteli Nicaragua.

Our Palma Shortfillers
Only Torpedo & Robusto   Maduro/Natural  VdS Wrappers

1 Bundle of  10 Palma Shortfillers.....$15.00   (Incl. S&H)..... ►

1 Bundle of 50 Palma Shortfillers......$60.00   
(Incl. S&H)..... ►

1 Bundle of 100 Palma Shortfillers....$100.00   
(Incl. S&H)..... ►


Introducing our new "Chaman" - Shaman Line
Longfiller Costa Rica, Binder Nicaragua, Wrapper Connecticut Ecuador

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"The Chaman"

Here is a "Sneak Peek" of our New "Shaman"
(Chaman in Spanish)

Enjoy  the  "Mystic  Encounters"  on  the  Shaman's  Path...



Smooth  Aromatic  Flavor...  Touched  by  the  Gods!

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