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Luxury Hotels & Casinos in Costa Rica 1 & 2
Directory  of  Luxury  Hotels & Casinos  in  Costa Rica!  Casinos on the Beach! 

Online  Casinos!

Casinos!   Gambling!

Luxury  Hotels!
Beautiful  Women!

Fine Cigars from Costa Rica!

Directory  of Luxury Hotels
& Casinos in Costa Rica!

*Directory of Luxury Hotels & Casinos in Costa Rica! *Entertainment & Nightlife!  Lounges & Bars, Night Clubs in Costa Rica, Music, Karaoke, Dance in Costa Rica, Dating.






Luxury Hotels and Casinos

in Costa Rica!


Many  of  Costa Rica's  Luxury Hotels and Casinos,
offer  fantastic  "Dance  Shows"  and  "Entertainers", 
As well as supurb "Fiestas" and "Dance Contests",
It's  a  wonderful  way... to  meet  new  people!



One is in "awe" of  the  exquisite beauty... 
of  Costa  Rican  Women.

One is also in "awe" of  the  rich  cigar  tobacco...
from  Vegas de Santiago  Premium  Cigars
made  right  here in  Costa Rica!


They  are Hand Rolled to perfection, pure, with a delightful smoothness and  herbal  aroma. 

Their  special  "signature  brand", of  Costa Rica "Cigar  Tobacco", is  touched by the Gods, because it is grown with the "Secrets of  the Shamans" from  the  rainforests of  Costa Rica.

The Mystique of the Rainforest lingers in the smoke and  the mild, smooth taste  convinces  you  of  the high-quality of  "Vegas de Santiago"  Premium  Cigars, made in  Santiago  de  Puriscal here in Costa Rica.

The secrets of  the  Cuban Master Don Luis Santiago, and the best pure quality  "Signature Blend" of Costa Rica  cigar  tobacco, along with the exclusive Cuban and Shaman techniques, and the strict quality control
guarantees the cigar connoisseur, an  excellent cigar.

Their  elegant, premium cigars are sold in most all of the Fine
Tobacalero Shops in Costa Rica, as well as the  Hotels & Casinos!

If you would like to visit our manufacturing facilities, tour the factory and buy some excellent cigars to take home with you,  email Rudy or just drop by customers are always welcome!

Contact Rudy

Go to the "Famous" Vegas de Santiago Website




Costa Rica has a  great  number  of  fabulous Luxury Hotels &
Casinos  around  the  country, from  which  to  choose.  

Try the Slot  Machines or sit down at  a  card  table and  play   Caribbean stud  poker,  mini baccarat,  blackjack,  canasta, 
roulette, or craps. 

Blackjack and Roulette are  technically illegal in  Costa Rica. 
They are  usually  represented by  Tute  and  Canasta, respectively.  

Every  attempt has been made, in  the "Comments"  section  of  each Casino  Information Page,  to clarify  the  actual  game  played,  according to the  information supplied by  individual  casinos.




Hotels & Casinos
in San Jose, Costa Rica!




Aurola  Holiday  Inn  &  Casino
Phone:  222-2424, fax:  222-0090, email:
Location:  Av. 5, Ca. 5,  San Jose.

Ambassador  Hotel
Phone:  221-8155, fax: 255-3396, email:
Location:  Ca 26-28, Paseo Colon, San Jose.

Aloki  Hotel
Phone:  223-1598, fax: 221-2533, email:
Location:  Ca 13, Av 9-11, San Jose.

Balmoral  Hotel
Phone:  222-5022, Fax:  221-1040, email:
Location:  Av. Ctrl, Ca. 7-9, San Jose.

Best   Western  Irazu  Hotel  &  Casino  Concorde
Phone:  232-4811,  Fax:  231-6485,  email:

Location:  10  minutes  from  International  Airport,   San  Jose  -
General Canas Highway, La Uruca,  San Jose.

Best  Western  San  Jose  Downtown
Phone:  255-4766,   fax:  255-4613, email:

Location:  Av. 7, Ca.6-8,
San Jose.

Barcelo  Amon  Plaza
Phone:  257-0191, Fax:  257-0284, email:

Location:  Av. 11, Ca. 3bis.  San Jose.

Barcelo  Parque  del  Lago  Hotel &  Executive  Center
Phone:  257-8787, Fax:  223-1617,  email:
Location:  Av. 2, Ca. 40-42, San Jose.

Barcelo  San  Jose  Palacio
Phone:   220-2034, Fax:  220-2036,  email:

Location:  General Canas Highway,  San Jose.

Britania  Hotel
Phone:   223-6667, Fax:  223-6411,  email:

Location:  Av. 11, Ca. 3,  Barrio Amon, San Jose.

Caribbean  Island of  Tortuga.

A travel Guide.

Club  Colonial  Casino  /  Bar  /  Restaurant
Downtown  San  Jose 

Cacts  Hotel
Phone:  221-2928, Fax:  221-8616, email:

Location:  Av. 3bis, Ca. 28-30, San Jose.

Dona  Ines  Hotel
Phone:  222-7443,  Fax:  223-5426, email:
Location:  Ca. 11, Av. 6-8,  San Jose.

Doral  Hotel
Phone:  233-0665, Fax:  233-4827, email:

Location:  Av. 4, Ca. 6-8,
San Jose.

Dunn  Inn
Phone:  222-3232, Fax:  221-4596, email:
Location:  Av. 11, Ca. 5, San Jose.

Hotel  Don  Carlos
Phone:  221-6707, Fax:  255-0828, email:

Location:  Av. 9, Ca. 9,
San Jose.

Hotel  &  Casino  Del  Rey   
Phone:  257- 7800, Fax:  221-0096,  email:

Location:  Av. 1, Ca. 9, 
San Jose.

Edelweiss  Hotel
Phone:   221-1241,  Fax:  221-9702,  email:

Location:  Av. 9, Ca 15,  Barrio Otoya,  San Jose.

Europa  Centro  Hotel
Phone:   222-1222, Fax:  221-4609,  email:
Location:  Ca. Ctrl., Av. 3-5,  San Jose.

Fleur  de  Lys  Hotel
Phone:   223-1206,  Fax:  257-3637,  email:

Location:  Av. 2-6, Ca. 13, 
San Jose.

Gran  Hotel  Talamanca
Phone:  233-5033,  Fax:  233-5420,  email: 
Location:  Av. 2, Ca. 8-10,  San Jose.

Gran  Hotel  &  Jackpot's  Casino 
Downtown  San  Jose  - Phone:  (506)  221-4000    Fax:  221-3501
Location:  Av. 2, Ca. 1-3,  San Jose.

*( Stocking VdS Cigars in Candy store).


Grano  de  Oro  Hotel
Phone:  255-3322,  Fax:  221-2782,  email:

Location:  Ca. 30, Av. 2-4, 
San Jose.

Hotel  Herradura  Resort  &  Casino  Kristal
Central  Valley,  San  Jose 

Kekoldi  Hotel
Phone:   223-3244,  Fax:  257-5476,  email:

Location:  Av.  9,  Ca. 3b. 
San Jose.

La  Central  Hotel  &  Casino  La  Central
Ciudad  Quesada,  Alajuela

Martino  Resort  Spa  &  Martino's  Casino
La  Garita  de  Alajuela,  Alajuela  - Excellent Classic Italian Restaurant - Health Spa!

Costa Rica Resort and Spa only 15 Minutes from Costa Rica's San Jose Airport

Costa Rica's Resort Martino is located in the lush tropical central valley of Costa Rica, which is known for having one of the three best climates in the world. Located only 15 minutes from Costa Rica's San Jose Airport, this Italian style resort-hotel is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and provides the perfect central location for exploring Costa Rica's amazing natural diversity. Our facilities include a Luxury Costa Rica Spa, fitneess center and a five star gourmet restaurant (featuring local and Italian cuisine). Costa Rica's various Whether you need a jumping off point to visit Costa Rica's various destinations or just want to endulge in a week of Spa and relaxation, we offer the perfect options for visiting and touring Costa Rica.


Melia  Cariari  Casino  &  Hotel  
Cariari - San  Jose -  A  favorite place to stay of  many foreign 
Presidents  &  Celebrities.....   

Melia  Confort  Corobici  Hotel
Phone:  232-8122,  Fax:  231-5834,  email:

Location:  General  Canas  Highway,  San Jose.

Morazon  Hotel  &  Casino  Tropical
Phone:   222-4622,  Fax:  233-3329, email:

Location:  Av. 1-3,  Ca. 7,  San Jose.
*( Stocking VdS Cigars).

Occidental  Torremolinos  Hotel
Phone:  222-5266,  Fax:  221-9095,  email:

Location:  Ca. 40,  Av. 5,  San Jose.

Hotel   Presidente   &   Jackpot's   Fiesta  Casino 
Phone:  222-3022,  Fax:  221-1205,  email:

Location:  Av. Ctrl., Ca. 7-9,  San Jose.

Quality  Central  Colon  Hotel  &  Casino
Phone:  257-2580 Fax:  257-2582,  email:

Location:  Av. 3,  Ca. 38-40,  San Jose.

Radisson  Europa  Hotel
Phone:  257-3257,  Fax:  257-8221,  email:
Location:  Barrio  Tour non,  San Jose.


Royal  Dutch  Suites
Phone:   222-1066,  Fax:  233-3927,  email: 
Location:  Av. 2,  Ca. 4,  San Jose.


Real  Intercontinental  Hotel  &  Casino
Just  10  minutes  from  Airport, by  the  International  Multi  Plaza,
San  Jose - near Escazu.


Vesuvio  Hotel
Phone:  256-1616,  Fax:  221-8325, email:

Location:  Av. 11,  Ca. 13-15, Barrio Otoya, 
San Jose.


Villa  Tournon  Hotel
Phone:  233-6622,  Fax:  222-5211,  email:

Location:  Barrio Tournon,  San Jose.

Gaming  Costa  Rica  -  By  Brandon  Dane




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