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Tropical Drinks!  Gourmet Foods! 

Gourmet Cooking!
Gourmet Recipes!  Tiki Bars, Tiki Huts, Tiki Glasses,
Mugs & Gifts!  Tiki Masks & Statues, Tiki Art!
Cocktail & Wine Glasses & Accessories! 
Wine Racks!

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Located in the South-west of France, in the area of Bordeaux, the Medoc has  some of  the most prestigious red wine vintages.

But, on this ground of  wine tradition, one counts  8  Labels  of origin Controlled, and more than 750 vintages, of  which  some are famous everywhere... in  the  world.

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Diabetic Diet Low carb Sugar free mixes
Sugar Free and Low Carb Cocktail Mixes are available for those on a diabetic diet.  Baja Bob's sugar free and calorie free cocktail mixes have the answer to your desire for an occasional alcoholic drink!


Indigenous Art of
Costa Rica's Indian Tribes.

Caribbean Bri-Bri Tribes...
Great Tiki Masks!

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The place for things

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Buy your own home tanning bed and avoid the hassle of going to a salon. makes
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Oil on Canvas Reproductions
Oil paintings on canvas artwork of over 3,000 artists including Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Renoir, Monet, and more.  All artwork can be optionally framed.



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Michael  Godard's 
Cigar &  Wine  Paintings!
Gifts  with a Cuban twist!

Tortuga Rum Co. Ltd


Jamio's Aile Tiki
Art from the dark side of Tiki...


Panama Art and Crafts
Tagua Gallery


Bahama Outfitters
The place to shop for Cuban

Costa Rican
Caribbean Outpost

Arts, Pottery, Crafts, Clay
Statues, unique items!

Trader Vic's
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Caribbean Expressions

Mike the Hatter
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The Rational Hatter
- Cloud Makers

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Wine Racks
Grotto Cellars offers an extensive selection of modular and custom wine racks for your home.


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Souveniles de Puerto Rico

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Tropical Dreams
Your  Portal  to Paradise!

Costa Rica  Gourmet
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Now you can order the finest gourmet products from Costa Rica. We invite you to try our world famous Costa Rican Gourmet coffees and other fine products, delivered to your door quickly and conveniently.


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Fresh Unlimited
Caribbean Costa Rica!
Fresh Fruit Products!

Rummi's Caribbean Mall

Ting & Ting -Bahama
Island Gift Shop!

Paintings, Sculptures,
Arts & Crafts...

Mejores Alimentos
de Costa Rica

We are #1 manufacturer of Tropical Vegetable Chips for quality and variety. Our current list of products include: Yuca
(Cassava), Plantain, Ripe Plantain, Banana, White Taro, Pink Taro, Sweet Potato and Yam chips.


The Salsa Place
Salsa of the Caribbean
Tropic Coast of Costa


Bahamas Rum Cake Factory

Authentic Jamaican
 Arts & Crafts

Dasa Exotic Haitian Art!
Each piece is individually

We have a  wide  selection
of  beautiful Haitian Art
and unique  wood  sculptures,
leather  masks, wood carvings,
oil paintings, and  wood vases.

Furnishings Inc.


Grace Foods
he home of Caribbean

Costa Rica Caribbean
Organic Whole Cane

Golden Brown or Deep
Velvety Brown!  It even
has vitamins!  Great for
caramelizing deserts  &


Kamuc  Hot  Pepper  Sauces
 from  Costa Rica!

Buy  Directly or  Create your
own  label!


Sensational new frozen
tropical fruits product  line,
we also have frothy powder
Caribbean Tropical Drinks!

Caribbean Connoisseur

Tropical Furnishings Inc.

Caribbean Island Imports


Pepper Heads Hot Sauces.Com

Licores  y  Cremes  Lizano

Arawak Islands
The Online Shopping Factory
of West Indian flavors, and fragrances.

Caribbean Gifts & Supplies
Spices, Condiments, Drinks,
Jams & Jellies, Gifts!



St. John Spice

Sol Caribe
Macadamia Nuts

From Caribbean
Costa Rica!

Tortuga Rum Co. Ltd

Monter  Internacional
de Mexico

Exporters of Fine Tequilas
and Mezcals, and Wines
for all kinds  of  markets.  
And Tequila Mixes:

The Tequilas we manage can be sent:
a) Bottled in our different brands.
b) Bottled with your private brand
"Bottled at origin".
c) Bulk with our different brands.

Cognac VS for ONLY $ 8.94 euros.  We do NOT ask  for  payment in advance.
We do NOT ask for L/C,
just payment at reception!! *

Price indicated is per liter at 100 % vol. exw without export taxes of 
0,105 euros / liter at 100 % vol






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Women & Cigars


CR Cigars!
Cigar Information, The "Shaman Cigar",
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