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From: Tony Miller tony@cigardiary.com
Subject: Review: Vegas de Santiago Corona
Newsgroups: alt.smokers.cigars 

Date: 2002-09-22 23:10:02 PST


User ID: cl00bie Strength Preferred: Medium Years Smoking: 3 to 5 years
Impressions Description
Construction Excellent
Prelight Aroma Nice
Wrapper Quality Exceptional
Burn Good
Only very slight mis-burning. Self correcting
Ash Average
Ash Color Grey
Flavor Average
Strength Medium
Draw Perfect
Smoked to The Nub
Cigar Information
Color Natural
Shape Corona
Length 6
Ring Gauge 42
Country of Origin Costa Rica
Wrapper Nicaragua *
Binder Costa Rica *
Filler Costa Rica *

* Vegas de Santiago grown

Here is the long awaited review of the Vegas De Santiago Coronas which I
bought and have been sitting patiently in my humidor for about a month.
They (5 of them) came in a cute varnished presentation box with a "glass" top
(which both I and Elaine chuckled about).

I brought two of them on a business trip so that my business cohort and I could
try them out. I told him that I hadn't tried them yet, and if he wanted to take a shot
with me, he was welcome to. I bought a large Dunkin' Donuts decaf on the way
back to the hotel and then sat down and took a look at the cigars.

The first thing I noticed was yello-cello. These have been resting for a while (or
Rudy packs them in special yellow cellophane). I started to wonder if this were
their normal shipping stock, or if I had been sent some private reserve.

I stripped off the cello, and noticed the nice artwork on the band. Really Rudy.
Lavender and gold? It was kind of a "girly band".

I squeezed the cigar gently along its length. No soft spots, no hard spots,
perfect all the way along the wrapper. The wrapper was silky with very fine
veining (not non-existent, but very fine). There was a slight sheen to the wrapper,
slightly oily. The wrapper was also medium brown, my favorite wrapper color.
The pre-light aroma was slightly spicy, but not overpowering. It didn't smell like
either manure, or dirty gym socks.

I punched the cap, and there was no cracking. The humidity level was pretty
good. I toasted the foot and took my first puff. The draw was perfect (for me),
some might call it a little tight. Lots of rich smoke! I was under the overhang of
the hotel, and the smoke wafted up and kept together for at least a minute.

The cigar was very "cocoa" tasting, with leather. I'd say it tasted of coffee, but
I was drinking coffee at the time. The taste of the cigar rode over and
complimented the taste of the coffee. The cigar was very rich and yes, I could
say creamy.

The taste got richer as I approached the band. There was no hint of sourness or bitterness like some cigars get. I sucked this baby right down the the nub (last
half inch) and the funny thing was, if I was careful and puffed slowly, I didn't burn
my fingers even that close. There was also lots of smoke.

The burn was next to perfect. There was a slight race as one side ever so slightly passed the other and the other caught up, but I never had to correct it. What I
wondered about was the cigar was listed as a corona, but looked a little thin.
It was the circumference of the middle bone in my little finger.

I think this was the ONLY cigar I ever smoked that made me think about the next
one that I would have. I wished I had taken the whole 5 pack with me.


PS: You can get these at http://www.vegassantiago.com/ .
If Rudy still has the 5 pack special for new customers, you can get 5 of
these for $10 (including postage). Well worth the chance, IMO.

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From: Tony Miller (tony@cigardiary.com )
Subject: Re: Review: Vegas de Santiago Corona
Newsgroups: alt.smokers.cigars
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Date: 2002-09-23 08:09:20 PST

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 03:31:02 -0500,
Jeremy Goodwin  jeremy@dcnet2000.com  wrote:

> They are one of the best made cigars I have ever had,
> although the taste range is a little on the mild side
> for my preference. They have an excellent draw, high

I agree with you, though I do enjoy milder cigars, so these really
appealed to me. That's why anyone who reads any of my reviews
has to take that into account.

> quality wrappers and produce a solid white ash.  The ash on
mine was medium grey and a little flaky. But it held together
nicely even when I needed to tip it off so it wouldn't fall on the
carpeting, it was "difficult" to tip off :)



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